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Overview of Awards

Grant Information
The CLP offers three different grants for team projects each year. The Future Conservationist, Conservation Follow-up and Conservation Leadership Awards are arranged in a tiered system, which allows progression -- from encouraging and supporting inexperienced teams who are undertaking small-scale, basic surveying and awareness-raising projects, to the stage where teams are learning to command much more complex decision-making, communication and leadership skills. Additionally, each year a small add-on grant, the Kate Stokes Award, is awarded to an exception team receiving the Follow-up or Leadership Award.

Future Conservationist Award
Future Conservationist Awards are offered to teams that demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to biodiversity conservation. Management and leadership skills will be developed in all team members through the management of small-scale, practical conservation projects. Grants are up to $15,000 each. Read more...

Conservation Follow-up Award
Conservation Follow-up Awards are aimed at exceptional teams with individuals who want to address a conservation issue raised by recommendations in their previous CLP project. Grants are up to $25,000 each. Read more...

Conservation Leadership Award
The idea of the Conservation Leadership Award is to enable teams that have been supported in the past to consolidate (or connect together) their previous project successes by creating something longer-term, which is more practical and conservation oriented than research oriented. One to two grants are offered for up to $50,000 each. Read more...

Kate Stokes Award
Through this fund, one additional $5,000 grant is awarded on an annual basis to an exceptional Follow-up or Leadership Award winning team supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme Awards, with particular emphasis on teams that show passion, enthusiasm and a long-term commitment to conservation. Read more...

Additional Support

Alumni Grants
In addition to these awards, we offer ongoing support through our Alumni Network in the form of Alumni Grants to provide individuals who have previously been supported by the CLP with additional small grants to attend short-term trainings or conferences. Read more...

The CLP believes that one of the biggest benefits of the Alumni Network is a forum for award winners to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The mentoring programme facilitates this process by enabling learning and mentoring exchanges of current projects by other award winners. Read more...

The objective of the internships is to transfer skills, to enthuse, offer experience to, and open career doors for potential emerging conservation leaders. Each of the four conservation partners manage support two to three internships per year. It is the responsibility of each partner organization to identify and select the individuals to receive these grants.

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