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Winners of the 2017 Conservation Team Awards.

We received an impressive number of applications and, as usual, a great deal of deliberation was required before our selection panel was able to finalise the list of successful applications. CLP delighted to grant 19 awards this year worth approximately $235,000, comprising 17 Future Conservationist Awards and two Conservation Follow-Up Awards spanning nine countries.

From marmosets to murrelets, from aquatic ecosystems in India’s Eastern Ghats to the Atlantic Forest, and from Borneo to the Black Sea, the spectrum of species and habitats – and the geographical spread of projects – are remarkably diverse. Our award winners will be conducting research into river tigers and reefs, red-handed howlers and helmeted hornbills, and delving deeper into the domains of diving ducks, dolphins and dragon trees. Read reactions of some of our award winners!

The awarded projects are as follows:

Future Conservationist Awards

Conservation Follow-Up Awards

CLP would like to offer congratulations to all of the awarded teams! One member from each team will be invited to attend the CLP International Training Course in Sulawesi later this year. This two-week course is a fantastic opportunity for conservationists from around the world to receive training in high-priority topics and create a peer-to-peer network. Winning a CLP award also gives a team access to the CLP alumni network which offers more opportunities for funding, training and learning exchanges.

Individual summaries of each project can also be reviewed under Supported Projects.