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Winners of the 2021 CLP Conservation Team Awards

This year we received just over 360 applications for our Conservation Team Awards. After a rigorous selection process, our Awards Selection Committee was able to agree on the final list of award-winners.

Our 2021 Team Awards, worth a total of $437,405, have been granted to 22 exceptional teams of 92 conservationists who are carrying out vital projects on priority species across the world. Funding these projects would not have been possible without the generous support of Arcadia – a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

The award-winning projects will focus on saving some of the world’s most threatened fauna across 15 different countries. This includes invertebrates in Brazil and Indonesia; reptiles in Argentina, India and the Philippines; amphibians in Ghana, Togo, Colombia and Argentina; various mammals in Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, and Nepal; and various birds in Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, French Polynesia, and India.

More details about all 22 winning projects can be found below by following the links to each individual project page. You can also read this article announcing the awards, watch videos about some of the projects, and find out how some of our awardees reacted to the news.

Conservation Leadership Awards – continuation awards worth $50,000 for projects up to three years in length (in no particular order):

Conservation Follow-Up Awards – continuation awards worth $25,000 for projects up to two years in length (in no particular order):

Future Conservationist Awards – entry-level awards worth $15,000 for projects between three and 12 months in length (in no particular order):

One member from each award-winning team will be invited to attend the CLP Conservation Leadership & Management Course. Due to continuing restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning for the course to be held online again this year. As in previous years, this course offers training in essential topics for professional conservationists, enabling them to build on the knowledge and skills that will underpin their future careers as conservation leaders. Moreover, by bringing participants together from around the world, the course provides an opportunity to form valuable connections with other early-career conservationists.

Trainees will also be invited to an in-person reunion at a later date, when it is deemed to be safe to do so. Winning a CLP award also gives each team access to the CLP alumni network, which offers more opportunities for funding, training and learning exchanges.

Summaries of previous years’ winning projects can also be reviewed under our Supported Projects pages.