The Team

Management Team

Stuart Paterson

Executive Manager

Fauna & Flora International

Stuart has been working at Fauna & Flora International since 2005 and he joined CLP in August 2008. He has a BA in Latin American Studies and an MSc in Environmental Management – a combination which encompasses his interest in society, wildlife and sustainable natural resource use. Stuart has spent several years raising funds and communicating the success of conservation projects, as well as conducting field activities. Prior to joining the conservation sector he worked in human resources and he is committed to supporting CLP alumni professional and personal development.

Kiragu Mwangi

Programme Manager

BirdLife International

Kiragu joined CLP in December 2008 but has worked with the programme through BirdLife’s Science Policy & Information Management Department since September 2006. Kiragu is very interested in working with people to develop capacity to deliver conservation projects. Before joining BirdLife he helped implement conservation and development projects in Kenya, and worked for Nature Kenya. Kiragu has a BSc in Natural Resources Management and an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation, and he has carried out ecological field surveys in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia and UK. For entertainment he loves playing and watching football, visiting new places and meeting new people.

Christina Imrich

Program Officer

Wildlife Conservation Society

Christina joined CLP in April 2011 and she is committed to developing connections between people and the environment. Her interest in conservation began while studying in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies and has grown through her work with the New York Botanical Garden, AmeriCorps Cape Cod, Earthwatch Institute and as an outdoor educator. She has a Master’s in Environmental Studies and a BA in Biology. Christina loves exploring new places and spending time with friends and family.

Laura Owens

Programme Officer

Fauna & Flora International

Laura joined the CLP team in June 2015. Volunteering with conservation programmes in Tanzania and the UK led to a MSc in Conservation, Ecology and Planning in South Africa, where she discovered how millipedes can tell you whether forest restoration is going according to plan. Working for the World Pheasant Association she supported university students and worked with early career conservationists across the world. Since then Laura has realised that capacity building and knowledge sharing are two of the most important ways to tackle conservation issues and is extremely pleased to be working in a role where she can help enable this.

Tim Knight

Communications Officer – Conservation Partnerships

Fauna & Flora International

Tim has worked closely with Fauna & Flora International since 1999 on a range of marketing, communications and fundraising assignments, and has edited Fauna & Flora magazine since its inception in 2001. He joined CLP in November 2015. Tim is an award-winning writer and published author with a specialist interest in natural history, wildlife conservation and environmental education. A Cambridge graduate, he spent his early career in the commercial sector, but saw the light during a trip to the Borneo rainforest in 1995, since when he has focused on his real passion, wildlife conservation.

Charlotte Klinting

Programme Officer

BirdLife International

Charlotte is the most recent addition to the CLP team, having joined BirdLife International in September 2016. She has a background in youth work, facilitation and advocacy from an international NGO, and has run capacity building workshops with local volunteers in Europe and Africa. First thinking she was going to be a lawyer, she discovered her passion for ocean ecosystems, and decided instead to pursue an MSc in Marine Systems and Policies. This has taken her to research coral bleaching in the Maldives and, as a keen diver, she tries to combine diving with citizen science. Above water, Charlotte enjoys hiking, baking and travelling to see friends around the world.

Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to provide overall governance and offer guidance and support to the programme. Members of the Executive Committee include:

Marianne Carter

Director, Conservation Capacity & Leadership

Fauna & Flora International

Marianne leads a team working on capacity development issues across FFI’s global portfolio. Prior to this, she spent nine years managing CLP, based at BirdLife International. She started her career in the field, undertaking wildlife conflict research and leading community conservation education and awareness activities in Africa. She has an undergraduate degree in geography and an MSc in environmental management. With expertise in capacity building for conservation, facilitation and training – and a love for motivating, and building engagement, enthusiasm and commitment for conservation, Marianne’s work allows her to support a huge diversity of inspiring people in their work to protect biodiversity worldwide.

Hazell Thompson

Director for Partnership, Capacity and Communities

BirdLife International

Hazell is responsible for supporting the strategic development and growth of the global BirdLife network of national conservation NGOs and Local Conservation Groups. He was a Sierra Leonean member of a CLP (ICBP) expedition to the Gola Forest in the late 1980s. He designed and introduced the first conservation biology course into the curriculum of a university in Sierra Leone; and conducted the first comprehensive study of the rare white-necked picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus) in West Africa. Hazell joined BirdLife International as a Programme Manager in 1997. Since then he has been head of BirdLife International’s conservation programme in Africa; and then the Regional Director of the BirdLife Africa Programme. He led the establishment of BirdLife’s Regional Africa Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya in 2003 – a programme that has now grown to include a suite of more than 30 conservation projects in 25 plus countries. He holds a PhD in Ornithology and MSc in Ecology with an undergraduate degree in Zoology.

Peter Zahler

Regional Director, Asia Program & Director of Training and Capacity Building

Wildlife Conservation Society

Peter Zahler has been working in conservation for over 35 years and has been with WCS for over 20 years. He has served as Assistant Director, Deputy Director, and Regional Director of the WCS Asia Program, providing support or supervising country programs and projects in Fiji, PNG, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the Central Asian states, China, Mongolia, the Russian Far East and Arctic Beringia. He is also Director of the WCS Training and Capacity Building Program (TCB), managing the WCS Graduate Scholarship Program and the WCS Research Fellowship Program. He has performed conservation field work in North America from Alaska to Arizona, South America (Venezuela and Peru) and across Asia, and he has been responsible for designing, starting, and running three WCS country programs – in Pakistan (1997), Mongolia (2002) and Afghanistan (2006).