Project Links

Use the links below to discover more about excellent work undertaken by CLP-funded teams and collaborating organisations.


Dugongs for Life: Incentivizing Malagasy communities for marine ecosystem stewardship

Conservation of slender-snouted crocodile in the Lake Region of Gabon

Scaling-up mitigation of human-crane conflict in Driefontein Grasslands, Zimbabwe

Saving the Endangered giant West African squeaker frog in Ghana

A conservation framework for furcifer chameleons in Madagascar

The Mpingo conservation project

Asia & Pacific

Conservation of the Critically Endangered toad skinned frog in India

Conserving livelihoods and Semnopithecus Ajax: Resolving conflicts around Khajiar-Kalatop Sanctuary

Greater adjutant conservation through community participation in Assam, India

Spatio-temporal distribution of human-snow leopard conflict in Spiti Valley, India

The effect of fragmentation and climate change on amphibian assemblage in the South Western Ghats, India

The Bhimashankar Strategy: Toward region-wide community conservation in the Western Ghats, India

CROC – crocodile rehabilitation, observance and conservation, Philippines

Katala quest, Northern Palawan


Monitoring key sites for white-headed duck in Kazakhstan

Improving community-based conservation of Lake Kuyucuk Ramsar Site, Turkey

Conservation of white-headed duck in Russian Federation

Chagra 2010: enhancing conservation of the chalk grasslands in Ukraine

Assessing threats to bird conservation in proposed Important Bird Areas of Macedonia

Expanding protected areas in Argun Midflow and bird monitoring network in Daurai ecoregion on Russia-China-Mongolia border

Bat census in Crimean caves

Latin America & Caribbean

Education and communication strategy for the Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey conservation in north western Ecuador

Conservation management intern: investing in future guardians of Antigua and Barbuda’s natural environment

Serra Do Urubu Important Bird Area: Promoting conservation through ecotourism & education, Brazil

Promoting conservation of threatened birds in Western Colombia

Safeguarding suitable habitats for Niceforo’s wren and chestnut-bellied hummingbird in Colombia

Black-breasted puffleg habitat conservation in Ecuador: Promoting local participation

Unraveling the occupancy patterns of Guiana dolphin in Southeastern Brazil

Ameliorating threats to the manatee in the heart of Belize

Participatory conservation of the Critically Endangered brown-headed spider monkey, Ecuador

Ecological and distribution assessment of hicatee in Southern Belize

Population status assessment and conservation measures of Butia Marmorii in Paraguay

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Bolivian frog Psychrophrynella Illimani

Ongoing protection of red siskins in South Rupununi, Guyana

YARÉ II: Yariguíes assessment and research of Endangered species

Building the capacity of local institutions to lead seabird conservation initiatives in Peru

Alder Amazon project: conservation across the Argentina-Bolivia border

Araripe Manakin Wildlife Refuge, Brazil

Environmental planning and education in Cerro Verde, the first coastal marine protected area in Uruguay

Middle East

Conserving wild goats in the Peramagroon and Barzan mountain