Local Training Courses

Would you like training and time to write up your research data ready for publication in a scientific journal?

There is a new training opportunity for CLP alumni who are nationals of India, Vietnam and Malaysia!

This is a five-day workshop to guide participants through the full process of planning, preparing and writing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal of conservation or ecology (or a related field).

Participants will learn also about scientific writing for journals in general, software tools for analysis and writing, structuring data and analysis into the format of a scientific article, and the preparation and submission process.

The course will be delivered by Martin Fisher, Editor of Oryx – The International Journal of Conservation.

The workshop runs from 13 to 17 March, 2017 in Bengaluru, India.

To read the eligibility criteria and apply for the workshop click here.

Call for applications

CLP continues to support alumni throughout their careers by providing training on high-priority topics including: personal leadership development, fundraising, writing for conservation publications, biostatistics and climate change.

Participants in these courses gain practical skills and knowledge that they can use to become more effective conservation practitioners and that can help advance their careers. Alumni will be contacted if a local training course is being conducted in their country or region.


“It was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. The atmosphere was friendly, the presentations clear and full of practical information. I feel like this experience just freed my wings and now I can fly.”
– 2011 Fundraising Course Participant