There is a vast amount of expertise within CLP partner organisations, the CLP management team and the alumni network, and we make every effort to encourage knowledge-sharing across multiple platforms.

Mentoring by conservationists within the CLP alumni network provides a proven way to help develop skills in both conservation and organisational or team management. To facilitate the exchange of experiences across our network, CLP has a peer-to-peer learning exchange programme. Alumni are encouraged to identify their learning gaps and apply for a small grant to enable a visit between mentor and mentee. CLP staff help identify an appropriate mentor within our network who is well placed to provide targeted support. These exchanges encourage collaboration and networking amongst award winners, increase project support on the ground and build the capacity of teams and mentors through the exchange.

“Having conducted a learning exchange in Brazil I now realize that we can do so much more if we work together, if we have the support of a network that is bigger than ourselves, our projects and our countries. Only then will conservation know no borders.” – Marinés de la Peña Domene, CLP alumna from Mexico