By working with a CLP partner organisation, interns learn new skills from experienced staff, gain training in office and field working environments, and develop their conservation networks. Completion of the internship boosts intern marketability in the conservation workplace.

Internships are developed to specifically meet the learning needs and interests of individual applicants and their host organisations. Supervisors provide mentoring to orient interns to the organisation and help them achieve learning targets. Interns gain membership to the CLP Alumni Network with access to mentors, professional development opportunities and funding. Internship opportunities are developed by each of the partner organisations. CLP does not solicit or accept applications from the general public.

Internship candidates are:

  • early in their conservation career
  • committed to pursuing conservation as a career
  • not already employed by a CLP partner organisation
Before this internship, I never thought it would be possible for me to find a conservation job that allows me to use my writing skills. I’ve been fortunate to start a career doing something I enjoy that is also in an area of high demand because there are so few development officers in the country.” – Roberta Kamille Pennell, FFI-CLP intern based at FFI partner Ya’axché Conservation Trust, Belize. Following her internship, Kamille was hired as a full-time permanent staff member of Ya’axché.