Kate Stokes Memorial Award

Supporting committed teams of CLP alumni in memory of Kate Stokes

The call for applications for the 2024 Award is now open.

The trustees welcome applications for funding for projects with a one year term that are focused on outreach, education and training in support of biodiversity conservation.

Please find more information and an application form below. Applications must be submitted by 23:59 (UK time) on Monday 26th April, 2024.

2024_KSMA_Application form

About the Kate Stokes Memorial Award

On 19 February 2006, Kate Stokes and her partner died tragically while climbing in the Picos de Europa mountain range in Spain. Kate worked as Programme Officer for CLP from 2002 to 2006. She was instrumental in developing the programme and helping thousands of young conservationists gain experience in practical conservation.

In Kate’s memory, her family, friends and colleagues established the Kate Stokes Memorial Trust. Through this trust, an additional $5,000 grant is awarded on an annual basis to an exceptional team that has previously received CLP funding. There is particular emphasis on teams that demonstrate strong passion, enthusiasm and a long-term commitment to conservation.

Awards Granted

2023: Working with the community to save the goliath frog in Cameroon led by Cedrick Fogwan

2022: Mahseer School to protect ‘School of Mahseers’: Nurturing a conservation ethic in children of Baagi village, Nayar River Valley, Uttarakhand, India
led by Saurabh Dewan.

2021: Reconnecting with nature: attitude change towards conservation of the cloud forest herpetofauna in a Chinantec community

2020: Building a home for people and biodiversity in Mangabe Reserve, Madagascar

2019: Engaging communities in the conservation of wild Maire’s yews in Nepal

2018: Promoting public support for northern muriqui conservation and yellow fever prevention

2017: Improving the local capacity to integrate research, education, and ecotourism into meaningful sea turtle management in Ghana

2016: Improving the profile of amphibians among local communities of the Western Ghats, India

2016: Education and communication strategy for the Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey conservation in north western Ecuador

2015: Building Local Capacity in Delivering Effective Behaviour Change Education in Ghana

2014: Improving livestock production and biodiversity conservation, Mexico

2013: ‘Nature Kids’: A holistic approach to reconnect kids and youth with Mother Nature in Sri Lanka. Back to bees and pelicans!

2012: Building blocks for youth empowerment in marine conservation in Fiji

2011: Trans-boundary amphibian conservation in the Ailao Mountain Range, China

2010: For sustainable recovery of grey-shanked douc monkeys in Vietnam

2009: The Bhimashankar Strategy: Toward a region-wide community conservation programme in the Western Ghats, India

2008: Habitat Conservation of globally threatened Spot-billed Pelicans in Sri Lanka

2007: Assessing the current status and distribution of Imperial Eagle and Lesser Kestrel in Azerbaijan

2006: Green Corridor Leadership: Biodiversity conservation with social involvement in the Atlantic Forest of Argentina


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