The Team

Management Team

Stuart Paterson

Executive Manager

Fauna & Flora International

Stuart has been working at Fauna & Flora International since 2005 and he joined CLP in August 2008. He has a BA in Latin American Studies and an MSc in Environmental Management – a combination which encompasses his interest in society, wildlife and sustainable natural resource use. Stuart has spent several years raising funds and communicating the success of conservation projects, as well as conducting field activities. Prior to joining the conservation sector he worked in human resources and he is committed to supporting CLP alumni professional and personal development.

Christina Imrich

Program Manager

Wildlife Conservation Society

Christina joined CLP in April 2011 and she is committed to developing connections between people and the environment. Her interest in conservation began while studying in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies and has grown through her work with the New York Botanical Garden, AmeriCorps Cape Cod, Earthwatch Institute and as an outdoor educator. She has a Master’s in Environmental Studies and a BA in Biology. Christina loves exploring new places and spending time with friends and family.

Sherilyn Bos

Programme Officer - Capacity Development

BirdLife International

After studying a Masters in Applied Wildlife Conservation, Sherilyn started an internship at BirdLife International in the conservation team. After her internship, Sherilyn began working as a Research Assistant for the European region of BirdLife. This position led to her working closely with BirdLife partners, increasing her understanding and passion for people and biodiversity, especially the capacity of these partners to change their communities through conservation. Since joining CLP, Sherilyn has been able to build on what she learned in her previous job, supporting the work of amazing early career conservationists in fascinating countries. She is passionate about travelling, animals, photography, and always keen on having a drink with amazing people from conservation and all over the world!

Henry Rees

Programme Officer

Fauna & Flora International

Henry joined Fauna & Flora International in January 2020 after completing an MSc in Conservation Science. He has previously worked as an ecologist, interned for the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust and studied a BSc in Zoology. While researching vulnerable bat and carnivore populations in Malawi, Henry began to understand the importance of social knowledge and capacity to effective conservation practice. This led to Henry’s award-winning Masters research, where he evaluated government protected area programmes in South Africa by exploring stakeholder perspectives and capacity requirements. Henry is excited to learn from and be part of the CLP team, and aims to support the development of passionate conservationists around the world.

Leala Rosen

Program Officer

Wildlife Conservation Society

Leala joined CLP in June 2020 after completing an MPS in International Agriculture & Rural Development at Cornell University, where she studied the intersection of community-based natural resource management, sustainable food systems, and environmental conservation. Her master’s research centered around gender equity & social inclusion among community forest user groups in Nepal, where she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2014-2015. She has worked extensively in leadership/capacity building initiatives primarily in agricultural food systems and youth development. Leala enjoys foraging, birdwatching, hiking, and cooking. She has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology with a concentration in Environmental Studies from Hendrix College.

Kate Tointon

Communications Executive

Fauna & Flora International

Kate joined Fauna & Flora International in February 2020. She is committed to telling the world about the work of CLP alumni and their critical role in conserving our planet. Kate has worked in a variety of science communication roles, including at the British Ecological Society, Cambridge University Press, and BioStrata, a specialist scientific marketing and communications agency. She has a BSc in Zoology and Psychology, an MSc in Animal Behaviour, and a PhD in Zoology. Kate has had a lifelong interest in ecological research and wildlife conservation, and has studied a variety of species in the field, including Atlantic puffins in the UK, Horsfield’s hawk cuckoos in Japan, and Aegean wall lizards in Greece.

Bradley Knight


Fauna & Flora International

Bradley joined Fauna & Flora International in October 2021 for a three-month internship. He has previously studied digital media and journalism, has a BSc in Marine Biology and has volunteered in communications-related roles including as a social media officer for Conservation Careers and as an online engagement officer for Plover Rovers. He is passionate about art as well as conservation, and has started his own conservation communications initiative that uses a blended science-art approach to inspire and engage audiences about marine conservation.

Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to provide overall governance and offer guidance and support to the programme. Members of the Executive Committee include:

Marianne Carter

Director, Conservation Capacity & Leadership

Fauna & Flora International

Marianne leads a team working on capacity development issues across FFI’s global portfolio. Prior to this, she spent nine years managing CLP, based at BirdLife International. She started her career in the field, undertaking wildlife conflict research and leading community conservation education and awareness activities in Africa. She has an undergraduate degree in geography and an MSc in environmental management. With expertise in capacity building for conservation, facilitation and training – and a love for motivating, and building engagement, enthusiasm and commitment for conservation, Marianne’s work allows her to support a huge diversity of inspiring people in their work to protect biodiversity worldwide.

Caleb McClennen

Vice President, Global Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Society

Caleb leads WCS’s cross-cutting strategies designed to mitigate global drivers of environmental decline. This portfolio includes WCS’s programs for the oceans and fisheries, climate mitigation and adaptation, livelihoods, and markets. Caleb also provides overall strategic leadership for WCS’s Training and Capacity Building programs and representation for WCS’s organizational efforts to build multi-institutional partnerships. Caleb holds appointments as Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University’s School of Public and International Affairs, and the Earth Institute Center for Environment and Sustainability; and serves as an overseer of the Woods Hole Sea Education Association, and an advisor the New England Aquarium Marine Conservation Action Fund. Among other work, Caleb previously directed WCS’s global marine conservation efforts. Caleb holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Geography, and a Master’s and PhD in International Environmental Policy and Development Economics.

Lenke Balint

Head of Communities and Capacity Development

BirdLife International

Lenke leads two global programmes of capacity development, research, advocacy and conservation action focused on strengthening grassroots conservation organisations and on the linkages between biodiversity, well-being and human rights as the Head of the Partnership, Capacity and Communities Department at BirdLife International. She has responsibility, among others, for building the capacity of the BirdLife Partnership to mobilize grassroots civil society through local conservation groups, developing individual skills of early and mid-career conservation leaders and strengthening the development and cohesion of the BirdLife network. Before her role with BirdLife, she worked extensively on developing conservation organisations in Eastern and Southern Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean. With a background in natural resource management, Lenke is a Fellow of the Intergovernmental Science – Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and has an Mphil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge. She is also a Kinship Conservation Fellow and is currently undertaking a degree in Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, with a focus on novel resourcing models for conservation.