Success Stories.

CLP has a 30-year track record of success in capacity building and achieving conservation results.

Since its inception, CLP has nurtured the careers of more than 2,500 conservationists around the globe. This has been accomplished by supporting more than 600 conservation projects and internships in 100 countries focusing on high-priority conservation issues and by providing multi-disciplinary training and practical field experience. As a result, CLP alumni have:

  • Contributed to conservation science, with c.140 species discovered or rediscovered
  • Influenced the designation of around 60 globally important sites for conservation
  • Established non-governmental organisations, with 25 currently attributing their inception to CLP support
  • Increased support for conservation by influencing attitudes and behaviour within their communities
  • Reduced threats and improved the management and status of species and sites
  • Moved into positions of influence at local, national and international level
“CLP’s support helped me grow a non-profit organisation, Community Centred Conservation (C3), into a full-time operation; previously it had been a part-time voluntary past time.” – Patricia Davis, winner of three CLP awards