Writing Workshop

The writing for conservation workshop guides participants through the process of writing a scientific paper for publication.

Appropriate communication, at both the national and international levels, is a neglected skill which is not often prioritised by conservationists and ecologists. The ability and confidence to publish in peer-reviewed journals is an essential part of communicating research and results and is also important for professional development. However, successful publication can be a major hurdle, especially for early career conservationists.

This five-day course takes participants through the full process of planning, preparing and writing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal of conservation or ecology-related fields. Participants are expected to come prepared with a set of data from a research project that they would like to write up into a scientific article – whether this forms part of an article currently being written or one that has been previously rejected by a journal. The course includes a mixture of information sessions, practical exercises and feedback from trainers and workshop peers. By the end of the workshop each participant will have a draft article that is ready for submission to a regional or international journal.

In 2017, CLP alumni published 36 journal articles. Whilst these were not produced following this writing workshop, CLP is keen to highlight the effort made by our alumni to communicate their research results.
CLP Alumni publications 2017