Conservation Leadership Award

The Conservation Leadership Award is available to CLP project teams that have received both Future Conservationist Awards and Conservation Follow-up Awards.

We are not inviting applications for 2025 Leadership Awards, but applications to our 2025 Future Conservationist Awards are open. All applications must be submitted via the online portal by 18 October, 2024.

If you have previously received a Future Conservationist Award, you are eligible to apply again, as long as your project meets the following criteria:

• Your initial CLP project is successfully closed
• Your new project relates to a different species
• Your new project works on the same species but in a different site of your country.


About the CLP Conservation Leadership Awards

The Conservation Leadership Awards involve grants of up to $50,000. This is awarded to teams leading complex conservation projects that connect previous work and typically focus on creating enduring systems to ensure conservation outcomes in the long-term (for example, forming a new, self-supporting NGO).

Award-winners should be high potential, early- to mid-career conservationists, who through training and experience are now able to build the capacity of others. Projects should be sustainable and effective, increasing the viability of threatened populations and influencing national policy.

To see previous projects that have been granted Conservation Leadership Awards, please browse our Supported Projects pages.