Project Manuals

CLP has published several manuals and documents that will help in the development of projects and funding applications:

Institutional Fundraising for Conservation Projects

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Phd Thesis Spintronics

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Length Abstract Phd Thesis

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Integrating Gender into CLP Team Award Proposals

Men and women interact with their environments differently; they have different needs, priorities and uses for natural resources. In addition, men and women often have different knowledge about natural resources that can open up new conservation opportunities. Conservation projects, especially those which rely on community ownership and management, must understand and respond to those differences by integrating gender issues. This sheet offers guidance on how you can improve the outcomes of conservation initiatives and ensure that both men and women benefit from projects.

Integrating Gender into CLP Team Award Proposals


Expedition Field Techniques – Bird Surveys

This book is a vital tool for everyone wishing to contribute to our knowledge of the world’s birds and to bird conservation. Despite birds being the best known class of living organisms there are still substantial gaps in our knowledge of the distribution, abundance and densities of species. Birds can be good indicators of biodiversity and environmental change and as such can be used to make strategic conservation planning decisions for the wider environment. To make the best decisions, it is most important that the information on which such decisions are made is as accurate, systematic and representative as possible. The methods in this book will enable the user to survey birds simply and effectively.

Expedition Field Techniques – Bird Surveys


Writing an Abstract for an Article, Proposal or Report

This short document provides a summary of how to write a concise, clear abstract and why it is an important skill to develop. Anyone looking for more detailed information on the process of writing and submitting a scientific journal article should consult the website of Oryx – The International Journal of Conservation

Writing an Abstract


Writing Good Questions, Hypotheses and Methods for Conservation Projects: A Quick Reference Guide

This guide provides a set of basic tips for students and researchers to propose and plan a conservation initiative that is clear and concise. We hope that these suggestions will help applicants to effectively formulate good conservation questions, as well as clear hypotheses and predictions. The document also describes the information that must be included in the methods section of a conservation project. These recommendations will increase the probability of a project being evaluated positively by the reviewers, which will ultimately increase the likelihood of the project being funded.

Writing Good Questions