Case Studies

Mabuwaya Foundation, Philippines

NGO Case Study
"Funding from CLP enabled us to set up a professional conservation organisation dedicated to save one of the most threatened species on the planet: the Philippine crocodile." — Merlijn van Weerd, CLP Alumnus & Co‐Director of Mabuwaya Foundation

The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to protect and conserve the Philippine crocodile in its natural habitat. The foundation uses a community‐based approach to raise awareness about the species and increase local participation in conservation efforts.

The Mabuwaya Foundation was established in 2003, a year after receiving their first of three CLP grants. Their 2005 CLP Leadership Award was used to build the foundation's staff capacity. For example, Filipino staff members participated in CLP trainings, some studied wildlife management abroad, and others were trained in crocodile handling techniques and animal husbandry.

CLP funding helped create a well‐trained team with substantial field experience and knowledge. Furthermore, CLP enabled the foundation to leverage funds from a wide range of international donors. Today, Mabuwaya Foundation’s CROC project is widely regarded as a model for community-based conservation. A network of 17 community‐conserved freshwater protected areas where more than 100 captive‐raised Philippine crocodiles were released back to the wild.

Undoubtedly, the work being undertaken by this NGO is demonstrating that there is a future for the Philippine crocodile.

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