Case Studies

Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative, Tanzania

NGO Case Study
"Through CLP support, MCDI was transformed from a student research expedition into a practical conservation organisation in 2004. Today MCDI is one of the most successful conservation organisations in Tanzania. It has supported communities to conserve more than 100,000 hectares of forest land." — Makala Jasper, CLP Alumnus & CEO of Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative

The Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative (MDCI) aims to conserve endangered forest habitats in East Africa by promoting sustainable and socially equitable harvesting of valuable timber stocks and other forest products. One of their focus species is mpingo, the African blackwood tree, one of the world’s most valuable timbers.

MCDI was established in 2004 by CLP team members after receiving two CLP awards (1996, 2004). With over $75,000 in CLP support, these projects focused on developing sustainable community‐led forestry practices for Mpingo. Thus far, MCDI holds the only Forest Stewardship Council certficate for community‐managed natural forest in Africa. MDCI also initiated the first commercial timber sales from a community managed forest in Tanzania; more than $100,000 in timber sales have been facilitated to date.

Revenues from timber sales have been used to improve livelihoods through creating new water bore holes, setting up health insurance for disabled families, and creating a midwife house. Support from CLP built a foundation for MDCI that made these achievements possible.