Promoting conservation measures for Ader’s duiker in Arabuko-Sokoke, Kenya

Caroline K. Lumosi

The goals of this project are a) survey Ader's duiker population; b) determine the conservation threats faced by this species; c) establish the perspectives of the peripheral communities towards Ader's duiker and d) initiate a conservation education and public awareness programme on the plight of Ader's duiker, which will be based on the gathered information involving multi-stakeholders, production of information, education and communication materials and work with site support groups. We will use random field surveys and camera traps (in collaboration with Whitey Conservation Trust), as well as cyber-trackers in collaboration with locals (Ader's duiker trackers) who will track it during their normal livelihood activities. Field observations, interviews, focused group discussions, questionnaires, talks, and video shows will also be used.