Behavioural ecology and conservation of Rhinopithecus avunculus in Vietnam

Hai Dong Thanh

The Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus (Presbytiscus) avunculus) is a critically endangered primate endemic to northern Vietnam. It remains relatively unstudied in comparison with the other members of the 'snub-nosed' group. Thus, this will be the first long-term study of its behaviour and ecology. The primary goal is to elucidate information on the species’ social organization and behaviour, feeding ecology, habitat and range use. The information gathered will result in conservation and management recommendations for the species and its habitat. The team will work with local people to build the capacity of members of the stakeholder communities and promote conservation awareness amongst the other members of the stakeholder communities. Local people will be participating in a classroom training programme both at the beginning of the study and while 'on the job'. This training programme will provide local people with basic knowledge and skills in field conservation techniques and in field primatology. Systematic observations will be conducted over a year on wild population of R. (P.) avunculus at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province and northern Vietnam.