Conservation of the Critically Endangered Bolivian frog Psychrophrynella Illimani

Arturo Muñoz

The endemic frog Psychroprynella illimani, classified as critically endangered by the IUCN, resides in the high Andes of Bolivia between gold mines and the Totoral community. Combining field research and education we hope to establish a community based conservation project, to increase public awareness and safeguard this unique frog. We will start field work around the Totoral community increasing our scientific knowledge concerning habitat use, distribution and behaviour of the frog and we shall include biology students and volunteers in the process. At the same time we will create a positive relationship with the community members of Totoral, Lambate, Tres Rios and Iquico, to be able to implement educational workshops and specific outreach and media activities with students, teachers, farmers and miners. This project will start real and sustainable conservation actions from local communities to protect the forest and its local species.