Communicating Locally Led Conservation Action in Antigua and Barbuda

Sherrel Charles

Sherrel is supporting the Environmental Awareness Group’s (EAG) team to communicate scientific information generated by their programmes, projects, and activities through the development of strong communication materials. Sherrel is working alongside the Programme Coordinators who monitor and manage offshore islands and the endangered endemic species that rely on those islands. She will therefore be responsible for creating content for the EAG’s social media accounts, and for assisting with the preparation of weekly articles for the newspaper. Sherrel will develop skills in this area through undertaking training from the EAG team, and gaining ongoing support through other forms of capacity development.  

Final Report

"The intern provided the organisation with fresh and innovative ways to convey their conservation work, developed the necessary communication skills relevant to a conservation-based NGO. This is critical for the future of the intern, as learning how to effectively share environmental concerns with others is the basis of her future career goals. Acquiring these skills has, therefore, put her in a position to officially become the Science Communications Officer at the EAG. Overtaking communications will allow the other components of EAG’s work to be strengthened."