Complementing local communities biodiversity conservation initiatives in Southern Cebu, Philippines

Philip Godfrey C. Jakosalem

The island of Cebu, Philippines is considered an endemic and important bird area due to the presence of six restricted range species and two endemic bird species - the Cebu flowerpecker (Dicaeum quadricolor) and the black shama (Copsychus cebuensis). Cebu also harbours other significant wildlife, including the rediscovered Philippine bare-backed fruit bat (Dobsonia chapmani) and the threatened Cebu Cinnamon Tree. This threatened wildlife exists in forest patches ranging from 700 hectares to less than 100 hectares of natural limestone forest. In an effort to conserve the remaining unique biodiversity of Cebu, this project aims to build on local biodiversity conservation initiatives within key sites in southern Cebu. The project will focus on generating ecological information on the threatened endemic birds of Cebu, with an emphasis on the breeding behaviour of the Black Shama. The project will also conduct conservation education activities to raise general awareness of local communities within the identified sites.

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