Conservation of Gangetic dolphin in Brahmaputra river system, India

Abdul Wakid

The Brahmaputra river system is one of the major habitats of Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) in the world. However, due to the lack of site-based and people-oriented conservation approaches, dolphin populations in this habitat are in rapid decline. Therefore, through this research, threatened microhabitats of Gangetic dolphin and the factors behind those threats will be identified through detailed surveys in each microhabitat in the Brahmaputra drainage system within Assam (India). Information regarding the conservation status of Gangetic dolphin in Brahmaputra river system will be disseminated through research papers and popular science articles, as well as through the development of a management action plan. Awareness campaigns will be carried out in villages near these threatened habitats and a dolphin conservation unit will be formed in each such village with the involvement of local communities, NGOs and concerned officials of Assam Forest Department. It is hoped that these initiatives will lead to long-term conservation of Gangetic dolphin in the Brahmaputra river system of Assam.

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