Conservation and monitoring of Tibetan antelopes in Hoh Xil Nature Reserve

Lin Xia

This project is to monitor the Tibetan antelope during their migrating season. Tibetan Antelopes is one of the most rare and precious animals in the world, live in the vast expanse of 880,000 square kilometres in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Hoh Xil Nature Reserve is in the inner land of the 'roof of the world,' and it is one of the main distribution ranges of the chirus. Each year flocks of Tibetan antelope migrate to the Zhuonai and Taiyang lakes to give birth to their offspring. The newly built Qinghai-Tibet railway crosses the migration path. This project aims to assess disturbances caused by the newly built railway and study the conservation status of the species using field monitoring methods. The project will also evaluate the efficiency of the animal passages and bridges that were built during the construction phase. Results form this study may diagnose a potential problem on infrastructure development at an early stage, which may be the main threaten factor to this endangered species in the future. An efficient network will be created between the protect area and the local government, and will be in a long term monitoring plan to provide data of the passages continuously.

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