Conservation of pampas meadowlarks (Sturnella defilippii): effect of grassland transformation

Pablo Tubaro

This project will study the population trends, status, distribution and ecology of the threatened Pampas meadowlark (Sturnella defilippii) in Argentina. This bird species is dependent on the grasslands of a small area of the south-western Pampas of Argentina and is adversely affected by agricultural conversion of grasslands. The study will contribute to the Pampas project of the Asociación Ornitologica del Plata (a BirdLife Partner) by identifying the precise ecological factors necessary for the species’ survival, quantifying threats and proposing Important Bird Areas to focus future conservation efforts. The meadowlark is an important indicator of the habitat quality of the fast disappearing pampas, therefore, the project aims to raise the profile of both the bird and its poorly protected grassland habitat through extensive public awareness activities, scientific publications and technical reports.