Conservation of waterbirds and their habitats in Chongming Island, China

Zhijun Ma

Chongming Island is an important stopover site for migrants as well as a wintering ground for waterfowls. More than 500,000 individuals of 108 waterbird species are counted there. The silt from sand and soil brought by the Yangtze River, extends the tidal land to the sea at a rate of about 140 meter per year. At the same time, local people keep reclaiming the tidal land for economic development. In addition, construction of "Three Geoge" in Yangtze River also has effects on the dynamic change of tidal lands in Chongming Island. It is urgent to study all of these changing factors and their influence on the waterbirds and their habitats. According to a field investigation, this project study on the habitat condition of waterbirds in Chongming Island, analyses the habitat quality and suitability of waterbirds using the GIS method. Using Remote Sense mapping, this project predicts the tendency of habitat evolution in the future. Considering different human activities and its effects on waterbirds and their habitats, this project provides suitable strategies that can coordinate the development of local community and the conservation of waterbirds and their habitats.