Daggel ’01

Gadzhibek Dzhamirzhoev

Daggel’01 is a new joint Ukrainian-Russian project following up activities started under Adji lake conservation project (1998 BP/BirdLife/FFI Conservation Programme winner) with more broad involvement of local participants. The project aims at promotion of conservation actions for most valuable and important steppe and semi-desert lakes in Dagestan Republic, Russia. All these lakes are situated along the Caspian sea coast while the majority is concentrated in Therek river mouth. The lakes maintain populations of many globally threatened bird species both breeding and migrating among which 3 species (Marbled Duck, White-headed Duck, Ferruginous Duck) were chosen as key species for the project. Scientific researches will be focused on special searches of extremely rare species (Marbled Duck, White-headed Duck) and on more thorough studies of habitat requirements of Ferruginous Duck.. Simultaneously, distinctness of each chosen territory will be estimated in terms of habitat structure diversity and human impact level (irrigation and hunting).Information to be gathered will be used for developing scientifically grounded actions for lake ecosystems conservation. One of the most reasonable objectives of the project activity is a promotion of local authorities participation in resolving urgent questions in lake conservation (e.g. in regulation of lake water level in summer). The experience gained from implementation the 1998 project on Adji lake ecosystem conservation convinces of evident effectiveness of such measures. Another conservation activities planned under Daggel’01 project include training of game management officers and local gamekeepers aimed at enhancing professional skills from rare bird identification to abilities to collaborate with local authorities and to come into interactions and relationships with local people. Conservation education activities will be focused on the work with children in local schools with an aim of familiarising children with rare bird species and the uniqueness of the lakes they live nearby. The project has an approval of state and scientific bodies of the host country such as Department of Conservation and Sustainable Development of Game Resources, Game Management Board of Dagestan Republic Government, Committee for Natural Resources of Dagestan Republic, Ecology Faculty of Dagestan State University, Zoology Chair of Dagestan State Teachers Training University. Also many scientific advisors will counsel the project at all stages.

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