Developing leadership in the conservation of endangered birds on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Adonis Antoni Lopes Lorio

To strengthen the conservation capacity of a local leader, with a focus on a research project on the nesting behaviour of the yellow-naped parrot (Amazona auropalliata) during two reproductive seasons, and a proposed restoration plan for the species’ habitat in the Ometepe Island Biosphere Reserve, Nicaragua.


Final Report Summary:

Ometepe Island is one of the three biosphere reserves in Nicaragua. Covering 276 kilometres squared, it has three protected areas: the Volcano Maderas National Park, the La Peña Inculta Rio Istian Wildlife Refuge and the Concepción Volcano Nature Reserve. All of these areas are home to important bird species. One of these species, the yellow-naped parrot (Amazona auropalliata), is listed as endangered due to forest fires, deforestation, illegal poaching and, above all, habitat loss due to agricultural advancement. Adonis's internship was focused on protecting the yellow-naped parrot. He conducted fieldwork to collect information about its habitat use and to identify the trees it favours for nesting and food. Through this work, a number of important trees were classified and coded for future research, and their nutritional value for the yellow-naped parrot was calculated. Based on this new information, Adonis helped develop plans for forest restoration, marking the beginning of a lengthy period of restoration work on Ometepe Island involving local communities, schools and environmental groups.