Development of catching techniques and tagging of the red-breasted goose by satellite transmitters in Kazakhstan

Zuban Ivan Aleksandrovich

The main purpose of the project is to develop a method for catching and tagging red-breasted geese (Rufibrenta ruficollis) with satellite transmitters at migration stopover places in northern Kazakhstan. Northern Kazakhstan is a unique place in the range of the red-breasted goose, where almost the entire global population stops in a small area during spring and autumn migrations. This territory is a very important place in the annual life cycle of this species. Red-breasted geese will be caught and tagged with satellite transmitters (GPS / GSM trackers weighing 16 grams, equipped with a solar battery, and attached in the form of backpack). This will allow a detailed study of the migration paths and wintering places of the species, identify new key stopover places, and determine the level of impact of illegal hunting. The obtained data will make it possible to predict the timing of migration and assess the number of birds, which will allow the development of protective measures at migration stopover locations with great effect.