Dracaena ombet tree community-based conservation project, Gabel Elba Protectorate, Egypt

Usama Mohammed

Dracaena ombet is a globally endangered tree and its subpopulations in Gabel Elba (GE) in Egypt are particularly threatened. Our Future Conservationist project report stated the urgent need to conserve remaining populations in GE as the most accessible global safe refuge for this species worldwide. Survey results indicated that the species is experiencing rapid decline particularly from climate change and habitats degradation - about 65% of its populations in Egypt has vanished in the last 20 years. Two field and community work strategies will use 1) monitoring protocols to assess the status and viability of D. ombet populations in the long term, and 2) community based conservation approaches to engage stockholders and the local community. The D. ombet conservation action plan's critical targets will also be implemented.

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