Dracaena-MAP-Egypt: Dracaena ombet Monitoring & Assessment Project in Gabel Elba Protected Area, Egypt

Usama Mohammed

Dracaena ombet tree sub-populations in Gabel Elba in Egypt and Sudan are particularly threatened. This is one of the few species that can survive the extensive periods of drought in all parts of its range and is likely to therefore be an important part of the desert ecosystem. The occurrence of Dracaena in Gabel Elba is its most northern limit within the Red Sea coastal mountains. There is urgent need for conservation initiative for D. ombet in Egypt, because a lack of data about the population status has made it impossible to carry out effective conservation activities for D. ombet in Gabel Elba and also for a current threats and a rapid decline for its population due to overgrazing, over-cutting, droughts and possibly attack by parasitic pests or disease have contributed to the decline. Three fieldwork strategies will used: Monitoring Protocols to produce baseline distribution map and ecological assessment for D. ombet, Research-Action Participation Protocol to draw with stockholders a problems analysis and explore solutions; and Participatory Rural Appraisal Protocols to document a related traditional knowledge. Finally, a conservation action plan for D. ombet within Gabel Elba will be prepared.

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