Ecology and conservation status of Aberdare cisticola in the Mau Narok-Molo grasslands, Kenya

Mercy Mwanika

The Aberdare cisticola is listed as globally endangered (Birdlife International, 2000). It inhabits moist grassland in Mau Narok-Molo and Aberdares in central Kenya (Bennun and Njoroge, 1999). It is threatened by habitat loss due to agriculture. Frequent fires in the Aberdare National Park are a further threat. The species habitat is poorly conserved hence threats need investigation. A census on Aberdare cisticola will be carried out; grassland cover will be estimated through interviews with landowners as well as an investigation on the management of the park. Habitat requirements and species distribution in the site will be mapped. The results will provide baseline information upon which conservation and monitoring strategies can be developed.