Expedition to survey status and threats of Globally-threatened bird species in South Nguruman Important Bird Area, Kenya

Anne Okelo

South Nguruman, located in the southernmost part of Kenya, consists of diverse habitats with vegetation ranging from Acaacia tortilis woodland on the plains, dense Acacia commiphora bush on the lower slopes of rift Valley escarpment, Tarrchonaanthus thicket and grassland, and sub-montane forest. While these varied habitats support a diversity of threatened birds, only part of this Important Bird Area has been surveyed. The project endeavors to conduct surveys on the types of threats to habitats and species present in South Nguruman, to establish the composition of avifauna community in the study area, and to train participants on methodologies of avian surveys. The project will also initiate a Site Support Group comprised of local people to safeguard the threatened species and the general biodiversity of South Nguruman. It is expected that missing information will be gathered on Nguruman’s birds, particularly threatened species, and the conservation status of their habitats. With this knowledge, it will be possible to recommend this unprotected area for protection.