Facilitating capacity building, knowledge exchange and collaboration in the Kenyan conservation technology community

Esther Githinji

This internship will grow and support the East Africa regional community in our global conservation technology network. In this internship, a promising conservation leader will map out and grow their understanding of the conservation technology landscape in their local region, connecting with key practitioners in the local conservation technology sector as well as identifying needs, opportunities, and challenges to conservation technology uptake. Building on earlier research from the Sat4Wildlife project and the work under a previous CLP Internship in 2021-22, the intern will facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the development of resources to support the effective use of conservation technology. In addition, you will develop a product (e.g., report, tool, publication) or event (e.g., virtual lecture series, workshop, conference) aimed at increasing the integration, use, and adoption of conservation technology in East Africa.