Ecology and conservation of frogs of Mount Gede Pangrango national park

Mirza Dikari Kusrini

Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, which is one of the last remaining pristine areas in the highly populated province of West Java, little is known of the local frog fauna, despite the high degree of biodiversity reported within the park. The latest frog inventory was performed during the 1960's and there has been no further research since then, although there is anecdotal evidence that the population of one endemic frog in this area, Leptophryne curentata, may be declining. This project aims to collect data on frog diversity in Mount Gede Pangrango National Park and to use this information as a basis for further research and an ongoing monitoring program. The project will also provide environmental education to school children nearby the national park. The outcomes of this project will therefore be used not only to increase the knowledge of amphibian diversity of the area, but also to help in the management of the park in order to conserve frogs in this area.

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