Gola Forest Project, Sierra Leone 1988

Gary Allport

A survey of the forest's avifauna to determine the relative importance of forest areas with different logging and hunting pressures, with particular attention given to the endemic and threatened birds of the forest. To work with and help train forest guards in bird recognition and scientific techniques. To propose a conservation strategy for the forest birds. Working alongside ODA-funded personnel studying mammals and the use of forest resources.

Project update 1/8/96: This project studied the avifauna of Gola Forest in eastern Sierra Leone, located at the western end of the critical Upper Guinea Forests EBA (084). The project led on to an ICBP/RSPB/Conservation Society of Sierra Leone/Government of Sierra Leone 'Gola Forest Project' with GTZ funding. The project closed in the early 90s due to the security situation. A team member from Sierra Leone conducted further research on the cliff-nesting White-necked Picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus). Two team members are now employed by BirdLife International’s Africa Division.