Hainan Island’ 2001

Hu Huijian

Project "Hainan Island' 2001" (HI2001) will continue the work of the Project "Hainan Island' 99" (HI99). Project HI99 is the continuity of the Project "Census on Land Wildlife in Hainan" (CLWH), which was carried out in 1996 and finished in 1998 by Hainan Forestry Bureau (HFB) and South China Institute of Endangered Animals (SCIEA). Working with the HFB and its natural reserves, we have set up information system of threatened species based on GIS for conservation plans, management recommendations and redesign of natural reserves. The results of both Project CLWH and HI99 have been submitted to HFB, SCIEA and China Forestry Bureau. Our results of Project HI99 and Project CLWH clearly indicated that the carnivores, especially great carnivores and primates in Hainan Island faced very critically endangered situation. It is possible that we will lose them too soon to take our conservation actions. We also found the Five-finger Mountains might be the only region, which still holds all of great carnivores and primates in Hainan Island at present. Based on Project HI99, Project "Hainan Island'2001" will re-explore the Five-finger Mountain to search for carnivores and primates, especially great carnivores and black gibbon. We will indicate whether and where carnivores and primates lived in the Five-finger Mountains. These areas which hold our objective species will survey again to investigate their habitats. This research will provide the first quantitative assessment of the conservation status of carnivores and primates in the Five-finger Mountains. We will combine the date of Project HI2001 into the information system of Project HI99 to produce practical recommendation and conservation actions to protect carnivores and primates in Hainan Island, especially in the Five-finger Mountains at present. The information system will serve for the redesign of conservation system in Five-finger Mountains. Collaborating with natural reserves, we will offer education for the staffs of natural reserves. They will receive training in fieldwork skill and the use of GPS and GIS etc.. These training may create a competent zoological team for natural reserves. We will also take some conservation actions in Five-finger Mountains, such as conservation education, propagation and campaign with local government and HFB in the Five-finger Mountains. We will focus on the conservation propagation of carnivores and primates and tell people how important carnivores and primates are to rainforest and ecosystem. These works will be supported by local newspapers and TV, such as Hainan Daily, Hainan TV, working with the local news agencies.

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