Assessment of present status of Ibadan Malimbe in South-Western Nigeria

Bunmi Jegede

Ibadan Malimbe (Malimbus ibadanensis) is an Endangered but poorly known weaver bird endemic to Nigeria. The population is estimated at 2,500 individuals for its remaining range of about 112km2 of non-contiguous and severely fragmented forests of south-west, Nigeria. It was last recorded in 2008 in Ifon Forest Reserve, now Osse River Park, which is an extension of its previous range. This project therefore aims to assess the current status and distribution of Ibadan Malimbe within its current range in south-western Nigeria. The species will be confirmed and mapped during visit to forest patches within the current range, while the team will facilitate a sensitisation campaign and set-up voluntary monitoring of species in nearby communities. We hope to develop our capacities by working with local institutions in this region and experts who will be contributing to the project in different capacities. Findings from the project will update information on species and also enrich a management and conservation plan for this endemic bird.