Improving survival chance of the Liben lark, Ethiopia

Alazar Daka Ruffo

The Liben Plain in Ethiopia was once the most productive pastoral land in East Africa. Presently, its degradation in the form of overgrazing, bush encroachment and expansion of agricultural activities is taking place endangering the existence of the Liben lark. We intend to conduct this project to increase the survival chance of this Critically Endangered bird. Identification of possible Liben lark presence in one other project site, Somali Regional State around Jijiga, is one major activity within the project aim. Decreased overgrazing and agricultural activities are to be achieved by establishment of enclosure, bush clearing and by providing bird guiding training to local individuals. Workshops on landuse legislation amendment will further augment this effort. Local administrative capacity also will be built by giving trainings on communication structure development between departments and production of land use/land cover map.

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