Insect biodiversity of a montane rainforest expedition, Vietnam 1991

Vojtech Novotny

Working with the National Centre for Scientific Research, Hanoi, the team studied insect communities of the montane evergreen monsoon rainforest in the Tam Dao Mts (800-1000m) to provide data on the biodiversity of this unique remnant of climax ecosystem. Conservation measures to eliminate threats to the forest, especially selective logging, hunting, and forest burning, were proposed.

Project update: 20/8/96. The Czech team investigated the insect biodiversity of a montane rainforest in Vietnam, looking at entomological aspects of bioindication and conservation in the tropics. Working with scientists from the Institute of Biological and Ecological Resources in Hanoi, the team gathered data on butterfly and leafhopper community structure in relation to vegetation in evergreen forest at Tam Dao, Hanoi’s old hill-station. Despite the inclusion of this area in the protected areas network, the team found that the forests are threatened by illegal logging and clearance for agriculture, and the wildlife is threatened by illegal poaching. The final report and several research papers were circulated to the authorities in Vietnam and to the scientific community generally. A follow-up expedition was conducted in 1993 (V. Novotny in litt. 1994).