Marsh deer project – proyecto ciervo de los pantanos

Santiago D'Alessio

This project will make the first quantitative assessment of the southern most population of the globally threatened Marsh deer (Blastoceros dichotomus) in the Paraná delta where the Paraná and Uruguay rivers flow into the river Plata in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Working in collaboration a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) active in the area since 1995, the team will make fluvial, terrestrial and aerial surveys to assess populations and relative abundance according to the IUCN-World Conservation Union/Deer specialist group action plan. Data on the deer and vegetation type will be combined with an estimate of hunting intensity and geo-referenced to make a GIS map of the area. This map will provide impetus for protection of the delta’s habitats currently not represented in reserves. A documentary video will be produced to show and facilitate discussions with the communities and school children of the region.

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