A mega transect for monitoring and searching breeding areas of milky stork in the east coastal of South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Muhammad Iqbal

The milky stork (Mycteria cinerea) is currently listed as Vulnerable because it has undergone a rapid population decline due to ongoing loss of coastal habitat, human disturbance, hunting and trade. Its status in Indonesia is less well known, but although good numbers can still be found at sites in southern Sumatra there are reports that numbers have declined considerably. Further searches on the east coast of South Sumatra Province are therefore urgently needed to clarify the status of this species, to determine the recent population size of milky stork within South Sumatra Province. The main goal of the 2008 milky storks survey in South Sumatra was to obtain information on milky stork on the east coast of South Sumatra Province, as base line data for conserving this vulnerable species.