Monitor 2000: Hungarian amphibian biodiversity monitoring & education project

Brandon Anthony

In Hungary, amphibian conservation is a relatively new focus but has been recognized as an area of need. To address this problem, survey methods (road call count) were tested in Hungary during 1998. MONITOR 2000 is a follow-up initiative designed to introduce this time and cost-effective amphibian monitoring method to volunteers in Hungary, and other representatives of Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries. Results from the surveys will provide baseline data on amphibian populations, identify conservation “hotspots”, management recommendations, integrate into a more comprehensive monitoring program and build awareness. Environmental education will be one of the main pillars of MONITOR 2000. A number of schools have committed to participating in this unique and pioneering project, which combines participants from a wide range of ages, and seven countries. As the project develops, volunteer recruitment effort will be expanded, ensuring a strong network of volunteers monitoring amphibians across a wide variety of habitats in Hungary and other CEE countries.

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