Abundance of Mountain Tapir in Puracé National Park, Colombia

Fernando Sanchez

The mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) inhabits high Andean forest and paramo ecosystems in Colombia. Populations of this species are declining as a result of habitat loss caused by anthropogenic action. To date, little has been done to directly conserve this species due to an apparent lack of appreciation for it. Research and social work focused on this species will help contribute to the conservation of Andean ecosystems. The aim of this research will be estimate the number of individuals present in the park by the method of capture - recapture using camera trapping stations on paths and congregation points used by mountain tapir and other fauna. A series of educational activities (e.g. lessons, ecotourism training, and providing educational materials) will be conducted to increase the awareness of the community, stakeholders and institutions about tapirs and Andean ecosystem in the buffer zone in the northern part of the park.