Nepenthes project 2002

Nana Hernawati

Few studies of Nepenthes in West Sumatera are known, such as Rusjdi Tamin (1983) and Muhammadin (1994). It is only give some information about 12 species of Nepenthes. From these studies, we can not determine the condition of Nepenthes populations including frequency and density of the species. "Nepenthes Project 2000" is design as preliminary research to compile basic ecological data in term of distribution, habitat and population of Nepenthes in West Sumatera. These data will be used to produce conservation recommendation for the designation of protected areas.Conservation policy will be recommended by involving government and local communities. For long term objectives, this project will contribute and make recommendations to concerned institutions, Indonesian Sciences Institution (LIPI), Government, Nature Concern Club and also local communities.

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