Population of Ferruginous Duck in Azerbaijan: number, distribution, migration status and vulnerability

Elchin Sultanov

This project aims to contribute to the conservation of the globally threatened Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroca) in Azerbaijan. There is currently no information about this species in Azerbaijan, but the network of large lakes within the country are thought to support significant nesting and wintering populations. The main aims of this project were to provide estimates of the distribution and population size of this species and to identify main threat with a view to formulating a conservation strategy and a national action plan. During 26 days of field work the team surveyed the 5 biggest lakes for population sizes and distribution and ecological correlates. The results showed that there were 3-6 times more ducks in these areas than previously thought - an estimated 1400 - 1640 breeding pairs. These results were published and a species action plan will be compiled and results disseminated to conservation networks and local people. The expedition therefore achieved its main objectives.