Population Surveying and Raising Awareness of Three Newly Discovered Tree Frogs in Ha Giang province

Hoa Thi Ninh

Amphibian declines are frequently compared to the extinction of the dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous and have become an icon of the current global biodiversity crisis (Mendelson et al., 2016; Wake et al., 2008). Theloderma khoii, Zhangixalus franki and Z. jodiae was recently described from Vietnam and its occurrence has been reported only in type locality. Tree frogs of the genus Theloderma and Zhangixalus are also very poorly studied and rare as well. Threats to their populations include: habitat degradation and over exploitation for pet trade. Furthermore, not only the existing status of this species is still poorly known but also the habitat of this species in Vietnam is to be degraded due to deforestation and effect of climate change. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the population size, distribution, and define the conservation measures for these species in Vietnam. We will conduct field surveys to determine the distribution points of three tree frog species and conservation knowledge-sharing workshops related training programs and contests for primary and secondary school students related to conservation. Knowledge and practical actions that contribute to the conservation of tree frog species and focus on three newly discovered species. This project’s results also will be the basis of recommendations to relevant authorities for considering listing the species in Vietnam Red Book, legal documents.