Preparation of conservation profiles for Stemonoporus species in Sri Lanka

Sisira Ediriweera

The scope of the project is to prepare conservation profiles for species belongs to Stemonoporus (Dipterocarpaceae) in Sri Lanka. It is an endemic genus with large number of critically endangered and endangered tree species confined to the lowland and montane wet zone of the island. The increase of human population and development projects (hydropower, agricultural projects etc.) lead to gradual conversion of forestlands in the wet zone. The degradation and fragmentation of habitats will have impacts on regeneration and distribution of threatened Stemonoporus species. Therefore the project will investigate the basic biology and ecology of these species to propose efficient conservation measures. These studies will be carried out in three protected areas representing lowland to the upper montane rainforest. In addition the awareness programmes will be conducted for school children and villagers in the periphery of the protected areas to disseminate the biological and ecological information and possible conservation measures for Stemonoporus species.