Conservation of the Endangered Preuss’s monkey on the Obudu Plateau, Nigeria

Netanela Duke Ekpenyong

The Preuss’s monkey (Allochrocebus preussi) is classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. In Nigeria, A. preussi is restricted to the montane forests of Cross River National Park, the Sankwala Mountains, and the forest patches on the Obudu Plateau. A species decline has been attributed to increased habitat loss, bushmeat hunting and lethal action by farmers to prevent crop-raiding. There have been no recent comprehensive surveys of A. preussi on the Obudu Plateau, although the population reduction is predicted to be occurring at a consistent rate. Without a clear understanding of the threats facing A. preussi, their population status, and remaining suitable habitat, we have no hope of population recovery. Therefore, to understand the threats facing A. preussi, this project will undertake standardised questionnaires with local hunters and farmers and use LANDSAT imagery combined with ground survey data to identify remaining forest patches (suitable habitat for A. preussi) on the Plateau. The team will assess current population status through reconnaissance surveys and camera trapping. This project will counter the conservation problem by helping to fill the current gap in A. preussi data, through awareness-raising programmes with local communities and by facilitating the development of a species-specific conservation action plan and a conservation management plan for the Obudu Plateau.