Helping FFI in Kyrgyzstan to save falcons, tulips and wild forests

Mariia Cherniavskaia

Mariia is actively involved in all ongoing FFI Kyrgyzstan projects related but not limited to the illegal trade of saker falcons, Falco cherrug, research and conservation of wild tulips and pastures, and the conservation of fruit-and-nut forests. She seeks to develop practical skills while working within the team as well as with different partners and stakeholders, such as international and local NGOs, government bodies, local communities and others. As well as providing logistical and technical support to the team, Mariia also aims to use her hydrobiology knowledge and experience to help FFI develop new programme areas.

Final Report Summary:

As a result of the internship, Mariia has successfully completed English language courses, developed technical skills (data collection, management, mapping and fieldwork), acquired experience working in conservation projects, with stakeholders, the public, government agencies, etc., as well as experience in organizing trainings, surveys and educational activities in schools and local communities related to forest, pasture or illegal trade of raptors. The internship has contributed to better understanding and protection of biodiversity in Kyrgyzstan in general, as well as rare and endangered species, namely, contributed to the protection of nut and fruit forest, saker falcon, Red Book tulips of Kyrgyzstan, as well as contributed to improved pasture management and awareness raising to reduce human impact on rare Red Book species.