Primate survey in Nonggang National Nature Reserve

Qihai Zhou

he Nonggang National Nature Reserve is a natural refuge for many rare and endemic plants and animals. Due to habitat degradation and human interference including unregulated cultivation, firewood collection and poaching, biodiversity in the area is rapidly being lost. A survey was conducted 20 years ago on biodiversity in the region, including primates, in order to establish the reserve. Since this survey, there has been no data gathered on the status of plants and animals in the area, particularly the important species of white-headed langur and Francois’ langur living in the Karst ecosystem. One of the main aims of this project is to carry out a survey in the Nonggang National Reserve to obtain a profile of the biodiversity status and impact of human activities on the survival of the predominant wildlife in the region. The field survey will mainly focus on endemic and threatened primates, and an economic survey will be conducted to explore substitutive ways to replace harmful economic activities and improve local economic development. A field techniques training will also be provided for local students and residents, along with local staff of the Department of Forest and Wildlife Protection (DFWP), to enhance protection and awareness of this reserve. Information gathered will be used to improve management plans for the forest and vulnerable species of mammals in the region.